Underwater Photography of Benjamin Von Wong

Canadian Photographer Benjamin Von Wong produced these stunning images in Bali. The models were actually free divers and the set was a shipwreck  25m beneath the waves.  The free diving angels needed to hold their breath for 3-4 minutes a time whilst physically tied to the ship with rope. Benjamin…

LSD Magazine interviews David Corden

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED Issue Six – Stand and Deliver – January 11th 2011 We have never featured a tattoo artist in LSD’s pages before, but when we were tipped off about David Corden by a supremely proud wearer of his art who was overjoyed at having something quite so breathtaking to…

Dep Graffiti Brick Lane – March 2014

London based artist Dep has a rich sense of colour and form which he replicates across the city walls wherever a true opportunity presents itself. The art presents a different drama depending on what and how its placed on its backdrop. Fusing urban style with futuristic form Dep’s work is…

Painting the Tracks by Bordalo II

Portugal’s Bordalo ll takes painting trains a little further and creates his own mini concerto across the actual tracks. Least to say train buffers were a little bemused… BORDALO II WEBSITE BORDALO II FACEBOOK

Video Billboard by Artist – 258

‘As a street artist I have always had a concern with public space and how it is governed, it seems if you have enough money then you’re pretty much allowed to do what you like. Buy a bit of land, erect a cheap billboard and sell that newly created space…

Snik in Brick Lane

UK based artist Snik has been painting for over a decade now. He has painted pieces across the globe and has a busy summer lined up for 2014.  This piece was painted in Brick Lane just weeks ago… SNIK WEBSITE SNIK FACEBOOK

Stunning Body Painting – PT.1

  Cheryl Ann Lipstreu Craig Tracy Craig Tracy Craig Tracy Craig Tracy Craig Tracy Cheryl Ann Lipstreu Emma Hack – Craig Tracy Emma Hack Emma Hack Craig Tracy Ray Massey Tim Angle Trina Merry  

Body Painting by Johannes Stoetter

Artist, Musician & Fine Art Body Painter Johannes Stoetter is influenced by the natural world around him and loves nothing more than defining spirituality through nature. Johannes Stoetter Website