Subdude & Angus

Brick Lane Paste Up Street Art in London

Paste Up Street Art Photography in East London We were out and about shooting art over the sunny weekend, when in hindsight its wasn’t the best idea, unless of course you appreciate large crowds and long pauses between taking clear shots. Numerous street art tours seem to have quickly replaced…

Drum and Bass HQ

Drum and Bass HQ DJ World Record Attempt

DRUM AND BASS HQ WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT FOR LARGEST DJ RELAY On 24th June 2017 Drum And Bass HQ along with upwards of 200 DJ’s will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for largest DJ relay at London’s Work Club. From 5pm to 10pm hundreds of tunes will be…

K-Guy Votes for Women

Altruism vs Narcissism Brick Lane by K-Guy

Emmeline Pankhurst vs Kim Kardashian K-Guy Street Art Street Artist K-Guy pulls no punches with his depiction of two powerful females protesting for very different reason. In the red corner we have British political activist and leader of the British Suffragette Movement. An organisation with the sole objective of winning…


Drumistic Can Play Record Improve Drumming Kickstarter

Drumistic Play Anything Any Time The Drumistic is a serious piece of kit designed for drummers to practise or learn new sets anywhere at any time. Engineered to meet the challenges of amateurs, professionals and posers like us. We don’t have drummers on the team but we did show the…

Flowsaber - Next-Generation Stunt Saber

Flowsaber Next Generation Stunt Saber Kickstarter

Crowd Funding Flowsaber Dreams of the Jedi We’ve wanted to own a sabre of any kind since first setting eyes on Obi Wan Kenobi in the 1970’s. Indeed we’ve purchased a variety of sabre’s over the years but none usually lasted longer than one sword fight. Unless you were willing…

Pothole Street Art Installation

Pothole Street Art Installation Project USA Kickstarter

Pothole Street Art Installations American artist Bachor was taught the ancient art of mosaic in Italy seventeen years ago. It wasn’t until 2013 the craftsman set his attention on pothole street art installations using this colourful technique rather than traditional asphalt. This year the artist has called on the support…

Jeffery Scott

Existence Within The Mechanism Jeffery Scott Book

Jeffery Scott Book on Kickstarter Jeffery Scott is finally ready to deliver his stunning book to the world beyond his studio. Already fully funded on Kickstarter with 23 days left on the campaign. The artist bares all in the book which has taken nine years to complete and celebrates the…

Flam Chen

Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theatre Company USA

Flam Chen Collective of Creative Souls You cant typecast Flam Chen into one category or another without downplaying their skills in other sectors. Founded in 1995  this collective of creative minds banded together with but one objective. To amaze, dazzle and entertain as many souls as they can possibly reach….

dbell live

Security Cameras and Smart Doorbells on IndieGoGo

You Need Wireless Cameras and Smart Doorbells Summer is rapidly approaching and bookings being made to paint, party or chill out are currently under-way. It’s all good living on a beach for three months but whose monitoring your hard earned possessions. Leaving your lights on a timer at home isn’t…

Hackney Wick Old School Graffiti

Hackney Wick Old School Graffiti Takeover

Old School Graffiti in Hackney Wick Anyone visiting the area can tell you the walls wasn’t always covered in graffiti like seen today in Hackney Wick. Old school Graffiti writers are often thought of in terms of vandals indiscriminately painting anything standing in their way. If this were true we’d…