Painting the Jerma Palace Hotel in Malta

In the days leading up to the festival we spent a lot of time in and around this derelict hotel in the south of Malta. The once prestigious Jerma Palace Hotel operated for twenty five years before falling into receivership in 2007 and auctioning off its most prized assets. Since then the building was completely stripped of just about everything but the supporting walls. When requesting permission to paint on the site we’re quite sure the powers that be thought we’d stay in the relative safety of the grounds out back. To any graffiti or street artist this location was like a dream spot for painting whatever the heart desired and wherever the energy takes you. Artists were disappearing for lengths of time and pieces were springing up all over the site. At times it took up to an hour to find a room occupied by an artist as the hotel features what appears to be hundreds of rooms without outside walls. This also presented its own dangers when on upper floors as you were never too far from falling off the side of the six floored building. Glass, rubble, rocks, and various objects littered the floor so it wasn’t a good idea to wear flipflops. Very few onlookers ventured inside the building which meant we had the run of the site along with some squatters and weekend campers.

Nonetheless we all loved the building regardless of the sweltering heat beating down on us as record temperatures. Our biggest challenge was staying alive under such conditions so water was drunk in abundance. No-one bothered to check watches because our time at the derelict building was based on our water supplies. We were drinking between five and seven litre’s of water each day which had to be carried to the site. That said we didn’t hear one complaint from any of the artists or crew because we were standing in this huge abandoned building with countless blank surfaces and a box full of spray paint. If this building was in London its quite probable every room in the hotel would’ve seen a lick of paint in one format or another.

So we set out to the hotel on one sunny morning along with artists Kas, Smug, MrDheo, Pariz One, Chemis, Bond Truluv, Zag & Sia, Sone, Katka, Salla, Tank, Odeith, Tim Timmey, Original, WD Street Art, Pausrr and Add More Colors Crew. Here are some of the results but keep watching out for more photos and videos from the event.