Patrik Proško Landscape Interventions Northern Europe

Patrik Proško - Denmark 2017

Patrik Proško Ten Interventions in Five States

Czech visual artist Patrik Proško is fresh off a two month trip to the northern tip of Europe. The artist’s unique interventions have been featured on the website in the past. Very much at home in the wilderness of nature, you’ll find his works in forests, country farms or rural roads across Europe. Patrik Proško rarely takes a vacation where he completely switches off, so holidays become working projects in new territories. The artist made a two month road trip around the northern tip of Europe completely solo. The end destination is Nordkapp, from here there is only sea and one imagines a roundabout. The artist hit nine states covering hundreds of miles by car, boats and his boots. All created with eco-friendly biodegradable materials. He created ten interventions in five states before returning home to the Czech Republic.


Patrik Proško MapPatrik Proško Road Map

Patrik Proško - Sweden 2017Åndalsnes, Norway

Patrik Proško - GermanyRugen, Binz, Germany

Patrik Proško - Latvia 2017Limbaži, Latvia

Patrik Proško - Norway 2017 Lofoten, Norway

Patrik Proško - Norway 2017Åndalsnes, Norway

Patrik Proško - NordkappNordkapp

Patrik Proško - Svartisen-glacierSvartisen Glacier

Patrik Proško - Norway 2017


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