Peaky Blinders in Barcelona by Axe Colours

Axe Colours

Project 12+1 Sant Feliú Barcelona Mural by Axe Colours

Spanish duo Axe Colours have been friends with a shared interest in architecture, design and art since growing up as kids in Spain. Teaming up was a logical progression for the creative pair, so it wasn’t long before Axe Colours were producing street art or interventions as many artists now call their street art.

The subject of their most recent mural was Tommy Shelby, a fictional character from hard hitting BBC drama Peaky Blinders. A prime favourite around these parts as we eagerly await season three. Axe Colours had many options to choose from when defining Peaky Blinder’s main character Tommy, where some might opted for a sensational image of a violent man carrying out a most natural act, the artists have defined his character perfectly.

Painted for Project 12+1 Sant Feliú in Barcelona, a concept which commissions twelve artists over twelve months too paint a 10m x 3m wall and also presents an exhibition of the artists works for public viewing.


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