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Pothole Street Art Installation

Pothole Street Art Installations

American artist Bachor was taught the ancient art of mosaic in Italy seventeen years ago. It wasn’t until 2013 the craftsman set his attention on pothole street art installations using this colourful technique rather than traditional asphalt. This year the artist has called on the support from crowd funding network Kickstarter for funding to help him fill more potholes in more cities. Bad roads are common in most cities so we can see this project working anywhere.  Various perks are available for backers and the campaign is set for another 26 days.

“After about the sixth installation I think I have the technique down pat. (I’ve now done around 45 pieces of pothole art.) Temperature plays a big part of the process and April is a good time for me to start, since it’s usually warm enough for the mortar to set properly. Given that my canvas is a city street, the artwork occasionally gets paved over or patched with asphalt. But that comes with playing the street. For me the only risks/challenges are making sure not to get hit by a car during an installation. There is a limitless supply of pothole candidates and, when the weather cooperates, an installation takes about 2 days to complete.”  Bachor



Pothole Street Art Installation Pothole Street Art Installation Pothole Street Art Installation Pothole Street Art Installation

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