David Boomah Interview

David Boomah Interview

A man of all talents David Boomah is currently rocking dance-floors with his Wish upon a Star track. Although super busy we managed to get a few words from the recording artiste..

Please can you introduce yourself and tell everyone who is not familiar with your work who you are and where you come from?

Hi my name is David Boomah and I am a Singer/Songwriter hailing from Birmingham United Kingdom.

Your new single ‘Wish Upon a Star’ is massive. The selection of remixes from the likes of N-Type & The Lost Soundsystem really compliment the EP. What’s your process when putting together a project like this? Do you have a theme in mind?

Thank you very much for the kind words re the EP. In all honesty I don’t really have a game plan when developing a project I get sent a lot of music from around the world and I have the luxury of picking an instrumental that really connects with me, then I start writing lyrics that complement that instrumental and a song is born, I never know what I’m going to write the music tells me what I should write and I go with it. It is a very organic process. My approach re Remixers is similar as it really depends on who I am speaking to at the time as to who ends up on Remix Duties, luckily for me i was talking to some great Producers whilst I was developing this track and they all wanted to help me out and get involved. A big Thank you to Rowpieces, Battery, Hypertone The Lost Soundsystem and N-Type for their great contributions.

David Boohmah Interview

When it comes to Drum & Bass you are a go-to-guy to for amazing, soulful vocals. Please tell us some of the heavyweights you have worked with throughout the course of your career?

I have been fortunate to work with L-Side, Serum, Benny Page, Congo Natty, Shy FX,T-Power, Utah Jazz, Calibre, Potential Badboy,, BCee, Villem, Marcus Visionary, Aries, Gold, Sly, Pacso, Turno, Lion Dub, Unreal, DJ Chap, Von-D, Cotti, Curtis Lynch, G-Corp, Codebreaker, Tenor Fly, Top Cat, Navigator, YT, Solo Banton, Serocee, UK Apachi, Harry Shotta (sure I’ve missed some off but forgive me I am getting old)

How does it differ witting vocals for your own tracks to when you write a feature on someone else’s track?

The only difference really is sometimes I have to try and get into their head, I have to hear the music the way they hear it and write and perform in a way that suits them so sometimes I am not myself as I would approach the track in a different way but the customer is always right so I have to do my to create the audio concept they have in their head and push mine aside.

The record cover is quite eye catching, did you have a hand in the design?

Definitely, this is the first David Boomah release on my own Label Forward Ever and I really wanted it to be done properly from production to art work to remixes. I was very lucky to have a good friend in Birmingham called Alaska and I told him I needed some really cool artwork and explained what I needed for my project and he arranged it all.

David Boohmah EP

Finally, can you tell us what you have planned next?

Music is a roller-coaster for me and I really don’t know what is coming next. I would love to do a second album but that is looking more and more unlikely at the moment as this takes commitment, time and money. I have loads of commitment but time and money always seem to be somewhere else when I need them. On a more positive note I have some great tracks out right now as well as “Wish Upon A Star Feat Rowpieces”

“World Of Jungle Music Feat David Boomah” – L-Side and Serum – Philly Blunt
Lights Out Revamped Feat David Boomah – Rene Lavice – Ram


Freedom Fighters Feat David Boomah – The Vanguard Project Spearhead Recordings
Fade Away Feat David Boomah – Vinyly Junkie & Rachel EC
Get Involved Feat David Boomah – Paragon

You never know that second album nay still happen but I can’t make any promises!

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