LSD Magazine interviews Dizi

We went down to Leake Street on the day after the Femme Fierce event in the tunnel and bumped into Greek artist Dizi painting her latest wall. It’s the first time Dizi has been to the big city so she was more than impressed with the quanity and quality of street art graffiti in London. We had a quick chat with Dizi before moving deeper into the tunnel.

How long have you been painting?

I started painting around 1998-99.

You came to paint at Femme Fierce, how important are events like this for bringing balance to street art?

Events like Femme Fierce are really crucial in increasing female street artists visibility and bringing their work forward to the general audience. I think women artists have often a distinct view and awareness and this is often identifiable in their work, their color palette, their style, their selected themes, etc. Men are definitely still dominating the scene –and I admire and respect many of them- but I also believe there are many women that while they have the skills and the talent and they have not yet been as widely recognized. It has often happened that I ‘ve been asked if I were the artist of a painting by people who were surprised that it was not a man.

Tell us about the piece you painted at Leake Street?

The artwork I did on Leake Street is based on previous studies. My style, which I also use in canvas paintings, was developed after wide experimentation with surreal characters, geometric elements, patterns and symmetries. I sometimes paint without a pre-design at hand, starting with a dot and letting the surroundings influence its development intuitively. Even for the piece at Femme Fierce I abandoned the sketch I already had prepared.

How often do you paint with all female crews?

Not that often now, because I moved to another city. When I used to live in Thessaloniki (Greece) I used to paint more often with female crews but now I paint alone. But when I have the chance to paint, I paint with males and females, I don’t mind as long as we have good communication and possitive energy! I hope you will see me soon, I’ll try to find a wall and come back! because i really Loved London!

Do you exhibit work in galleries?

Yes, I have a show coming up in Thessaloniki next week, you can the information on my Facebook page

Dizi Street Art in Leake Street Dizi Street Art in Leake Street Dizi Street Art in Leake Street Dizi Street Art in Leake Street

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