Moleman Interview

Moleman prepares us for beautiful summer sunsets as the United Kingdom shifts from the dark cold nights to the long sun-kissed evenings of our favourite season. Moleman’s latest chill out production fuses drum and bass with an upbeat melodic sound. The nicely paced track launches us into a British summertime with a smile on our faces and swagger in our stride. The Moleman Sensory EP is out now so the crew caught up with Moleman with for a quick chat…

Moleman Interview

Can you tell us where you are from?

South England, Dorset. I live in a bit of a sleepy town but near enough to Bournemouth which has a great DnB scene.

What got you into Drum & Bass?

My friends got me into dubstep in my teens and I moved towards DnB. I first saw DnB Live at Nass festival when I was about 15. As much as I love listening to DnB at home there’s nothing else quite like experiencing it live… The first tune that really got me into DnB was Unknown Error – The Yearning (Apex Remix). I had heard nothing quite like it before, just so many layers and textures, the sort of music that really puts you into a trance. I think that’s what I love about DnB so much – you can have these really beautiful tracks for 3AM listening, and at the other end of the spectrum there’s the aggressive straight up dancefloor tracks to listen to in a rave.

What was your first piece of production equipment?

I bought a set of £15 speakers from PC world to make my first 3 EPs. Over the past few years I’ve gone through a lot of monitors and high end speakers. I’ve come full circle now really, I’ve got a pair of inexpensive speakers but using some high end headphones for critical work, its great because on headphones you don’t have to worry about room acoustics, it sounds the same what ever the environment you’re listening in. I don’t own much apart from that now, I have a small ‘Korg Micro Key’ midi keyboard which is great for fiddling about with bassline or melody ideas. I’d like to get more into recording more ‘real’ stuff this year like piano and guitars.

Who were the producers who really made a mark on your and influenced you to make the music you do?

Starting out Fred V & Grafix in 2009/2010 had a really big influence, mostly their separate stuff actually. I absolutely love the style they have, it’s really melodic but the textures they create are second to none! Also Netsky at around that time too, Netsky – Memory Lane will always be a favourite. Timeless!

You have racked up millions of views on Youtube. What effect do you think streaming platforms have had on underground music?

YouTube has played the biggest part for me in getting my music heard, it has a great network of promoters that will upload your track to a big audience, for free! Also normal Youtubers using my music in their own videos has been fantastic exposure. Though since Youtube has started monetising tracks (putting ads on their video if certain music has been used) it can put people off from using tracks in their own videos. I’ve started a new record label ‘Fat Tape Records’ which is made purely for Youtubers / Twitch users who want to use music and won’t ever get copyright claims or strikes.

Tunnel Vision on your latest EP is a big room electro house banger. Do you feel its important for producers to experiment with sound?

Absolutely. It’s important not to get too pigeon-holed into a certain sound, there’s no room for growth without trying something new. I think some fans will always react when they hear something not quite what they were expecting from the artist, but I believe you shouldn’t ever make music to please others, it should be what you want to make.

If you could pick anyone, in any genre to remix your latest EP. Who would it be and why?

Frederic Robinson. He’s so creative and is a real breath of fresh air. I think he would completely deconstruct, flip the tracks upside down and make something completely different. But yeah, check him out!

Whats next for you?

I’ve just finished 5 new tracks with Vocalist Pipistrelle. Really excited for these tracks to be released as they’ve been in the pipeline for a while. I’m also working on collabs with Indivision, Champion and a couple of other collabs are planned. I’ve also started work on my next solo EP, Its been a very productive time! I’m working on a live set and should hopefully be gigging later this year.

Finally, if your music was put into a time capsule and buried in the earth for 500 years. How do you think the people who found it would react?

Haha! I have no idea. I think my stuff is more on the chilled out side of things. I’d like to think I’m still chasing to try and make my perfect track!

Moleman Sensory EP


Moleman Sensory EP