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You Need Wireless Cameras and Smart Doorbells

Summer is rapidly approaching and bookings being made to paint, party or chill out are currently under-way. It’s all good living on a beach for three months but whose monitoring your hard earned possessions. Leaving your lights on a timer at home isn’t the best option although it has worked successfully for years now. CCTV works well but whose needs such expensive systems at home when so many alternatives are available. We’ve seen smart doorbells on TV but since we love promoting start-ups and crowd funding campaigns, it makes sense to search for innovations in this area. We love the look and function of smart doorbells, they truly are the way of the future. Imagine communicating with someone on your doorstep whilst sunbathing in the tropics.

Smart security cameras have also been gaining ground over the last few years. Cameras are smaller with wide ranging settings to service most atmospheric conditions.  Video can be streamed directly to your computers or devices in an instant.  They come in a variety of sizes and shapes but designed to be compact and easily transportable. We know some graffiti writers that use small wireless cameras as watchmen whilst painting walls at night. Problem with those cameras is they take up room in the backpack.

All these smart devices have different functions that allow users to keep a watchful eye over your home without actually sitting staring at your smartphone or tablet.


dbell Live: Smartest Video Doorbell & Security Cam



dbell live

dbell Live




Reolink Argus: Truly Wire-Free Security Camera



Reolink Argus




OCO: Simple Security Cam with SD & Cloud Storage



Oco 2



Presence 360 – Smartphone Security Camera Robot


Presence 360



SENS8 – Smart All-in-One Home Security System