SpiderTag Experimental Upgrades in Mallorca

SPIDERTAG in Mallorca 2016

SpiderTag Experimental Upgrades in Spain

The Experimental Neon Lights Operation

We’ve been documenting the artwork of SpiderTag for some years now. The Spanish artist has been producing this unique street art in cities around the world. In recent times SpiderTag has collaborated with the likes of Cranio in Brazil. Although this fresh piece in Mallorca is experimental as the name suggests, we’ve a feeling the artist will be producing many more artworks in this format. As an artist you seek attention to your work so what better method than artwork that can be seen at night as well as during daylight hours. SpiderTag created this piece for the Artnit Festival in Mallorca, Spain. He discovered the material by chance just four months ago whilst preparing for a show at the Swinton & Grant Gallery in Madrid.

‘Eureka! I discovered a material that can be use exactly as the yarn! So, it´s a continuation in my style but more futuristic and unique! And this is the first mural done with 20m flexible neon lights cable!’ SpiderTag


SPIDERTAG in Mallorca 2016 SPIDERTAG in Mallorca 2016 SPIDERTAG in Madrid 2016


Not another nail in the wall (of fame) / New York from SPIDERTAG