SprayPrinter Sketch Contest for Large Chimney Design Estonia

SprayPrinter - Sketch Contest

Sketch Contest for Large Chimney Design Estonia

The team at SprayPrinter are about to take on one of the most challenging commissions to date. Their mission is too paint a ninety metre chimney using the SprayPrinter and a specially constructed robot to automate the entire process. It’s not often you’ll see a machine creating art on this scale so its an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

You may remember we promoted their crowd funding campaigns on both Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. The unique invention fits snug onto a spray can and connects it to an app. Users can then create an invisible grid by pointing their device of choice at the intended wall. As the SprayPrinter glides across the wall it automatically disperses paint injunction with the projected design.

The Sketch Contest is to find a design for a ninety metre chimney in Estonia. Chosen image will be SprayPrinted onto the chimney during the Stencibility Street Art Festival.

Contest closes on 16th May 2017 and entry information can be found on the website.


SprayPrinter - Sketch Contest