Stik Magpie Piece Raises £35,000 for Charity

Stik 2010

Stik Magpie Piece Raises £35,000 for Charity

You may remember us mentioning that Stik had authenticated an old street piece he did in Bristol for the Magpie Social Centre. The artist will only ever authenticate street works if the pieces are being sold and all proceeds go to charity or used for the good of the local community. Highly commendable of Stik because once validated by the street artist, the pieces are worth thousands of pounds. Unsanctioned and stolen Stik works has raised a huge amount of money which went straight into private pockets.

We’re happy to report that the Stik Magpie piece from 2009 raised £35,000, which means the community arts centre can now relocate and continue their much needed work. Hats off to the once homeless artist that has never forgotten what it feels like to be alone, cold and at the will of the streets. Stik does all he can to help charities and good causes raise necessary funds for the people that need support. A mantra the artist has maintained ever since he started painting.


Stik Authenticates Magpie



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