Street Art Collaboration for Tollwood Festival Germany

Mross Tollwood Festival

Hartl, Lapiz and Mross Team Up For Tollwood Festival

The motto of this winter’s Tollwood festival is ‘All of Us’ (can change the world). For this, three renowned street artists were chosen to create individual murals. Tollwood is Europe’s largest organic food and art fest which also features live music acts and lectures. It takes place twice a year in Munich (Germany) and has over 1 Million visitors a year. The three artists were Patrick Hartl, Lapiz and Matthias Mross.

Patrick Hartl combines graffiti styles with calligraphy and is one of the leading Calligraffiti artists. Earlier this year he published the book ‘The art of writing your name’ with fellow artist Christian Hundertmark, highlightning the most prominent members of this style.

The piece ‘Closed Circuit’ created for the Tollwood consists of circles of words unifying all people into a single community – the fact that all of us living together on this planet. Each single action influences all of us – be it in a positive or negative way and thus any differences and discriminations should be rejected.

Lapiz work is inspired by the rift between the first and third world. His large-scale stencils deal with socio-critical themes and current issues like poverty, pollution and (online) privacy etc.

For Tollwood he painted the mural ‘#5vor12’ (a German expression meaning it is ample time to act) and shows an interpretation of the 3 monkeys: See no evil, hear no evil, do not speak (about) evil. Each person is capable to change the world but too often have we seen the news about starvation, global warming or the looming nuclear war, so instead we chose to ignore it, after all it is too late to act anyways – or isn’t it?

Matthias Mross aka Mazal is one half of the art collective ‘Haus75’ and works with mixed media. His many travels to Asia influenced his personal style to paint motives featuring characteristics of slums: long rows of shacks, mountains of garbage and cruel cock-fights.

For Tollwood he created the piece ‘Sneakerhead’ which consists of a wall of shacks and the figure of a boy wearing a shoe box on his head. The piece focuses on the consumption of expensive brands and the horrible conditions under which these are produced in the third world. The mural shall encourage people to ponder their relationship to their personal consume and its effects. Additionally, the three artists, inspired by the festival’s motto ‘All of Us’, joined forces and created a unique piece unifying their different styles.


Lapiz Tollwood Festival

Lapiz Tollwood Festival

Hartl_Lapiz_Mross2_Tollwood Festival

Hartl – Lapiz – Mross2 – Tollwood Festival

Hartl Tollwood Festival

Closed-Circuit by Hartl




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