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Street Art Jobs

Street Art Jobs

Street Art Jobs Sponsored by LSD Magazine

Introducing a brand new service you totally need but didn’t realise it until now. Street Art Jobs was devised to bring people and street art graffiti artists closer together. The advent of the internet has greatly increased street art graffiti popularity around the world. You’d be hard-pushed to find a country where you won’t find the art form in one format or another. Artists are now getting the recognition they deserve having spent years risking their personal freedom to produce artwork in public spaces. This has seen a huge rise in the demand for their unique skill-sets and happy-go-lucky temperaments.

When approached with the idea of sponsoring Street Art Jobs by Czech graffiti writer Pauser, we jumped on the opportunity. Today you’ll find a variety of management companies and middlemen that usually serve the public and corporate demand for a gritty urban feel to a project. They’ve helped raise the game in unmeasurable ways for the most part adding tremendous value to the movement as a whole.

Street Art Jobs is a glorified classified ads platform catering solely for street art graffiti artists. It’s not a recruitment or management company so doesn’t receive any commissions from jobs posted on the network. Posted ads are then promoted via social media and by way the LSD Magazine network. Artists are encouraged to visit the network everyday and freely contact potential clients.

Street Art Jobs


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