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Invader Mosaics Placed on Sacred Grounds

International street art fans will have seen an invader piece in their city at some point in their sight seeing journey. The iconic Space Invader is a flashback to the early days of video gaming. We like millions of others were among the first generation of people to play the game on console and later arcades.

French street artist Invader celebrates the period with his pixel styled mosaics, strategically placed around the world. The most popular of his collection has been the Space Invader. One of the artist’s piece was even taken on-board the International Space Station and photographed for social media.


Invader was recently wandering the plains of the Eastern Himalayas, emerging himself in local culture, appreciating the sacred space. As a street artist Invader thinks on his feet, the idea of visiting such a beautiful location and not leaving locally inspired artwork doesn’t even cross his mind. The artist produced a series of new mosaics with different designs from his Space Invader characters. All framed with love for the mystical lands of past dreams.

An individual is emotionally charged by the concept of experiencing a space held in such high regard. One feels a sense of connection to a place, its people and diverse visitors. Religiously motivated or not, visiting sacred grounds anywhere in the world comes with a great deal of anticipation for the unknown.

Invader spent time in Bhutan where he placed locally inspired mosaics around what most consider sacred grounds. Therein lies the big issue for people on social media whom consider the act a mark of disrespect. The artist himself states local people were more than happy with his work, while others that witnessed the placements or seen the images on the artist’s Instagram profile have stated the artist crossed the line. Huge debates are being carried out on the artist’s Instagram posts, hundreds of people are actively engaged in the hot topic. Invader defends his position by declaring his intentions are honourable and local people appreciated the new artwork he placed around the city.


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