Borgo Vecchio Factory Italy

The project, started in 2012 by the organisations “Arteca onlus” and “Per Esempio Onlus” always in partnership with Ema Jons, engaged 20 children and teenagers in after-school creative workshops. The drawings and paintings produced in these workshops were used to decorate buildings in the neighborhood. This initiative has stimulated the entire community to reflect on their neighborhood. To see it from a different perspective. To revalue it. And learn to love it. By creating a public art piece like this, people can influence their surroundings, become aware of their own potential, and build their self-esteem.

The main goal of BORGO VECCHIO FACTORY is to run the project for another 6 months. Starting in November 2014, engaging new families and new areas in Palermo. A Crowd Funding page is set up for donations to the project which has been running since 2012.  All the information with regards to donations or further info can be found on the website and crowd funding page.



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