Ear & There – Global Street Art Project

There’s nothing we love more than a project where everyone regardless of artistic ability or skill can contribute to a global creative experience. In this case its as simple as sticking a molded human ear to a surface somewhere in the world. Little is known about the origins of the idea or indeed the actual intention behind the project. We’re really hoping its an independent artist rather than a corporate phys-op eventually ending with the purchase of a two-bob product with no artistic integrity.  Until we find otherwise we’re gonna run with it!

Hundreds of ears have been placed around the world and YOUR invited to join the party. By visiting their website you can actually submit your details and they’ll send you an ear on the condition you’ll photograph and send the digital snaps back to them with details of where and when.

We encourage everyone to use their ear in a productive fashion as sticking the ears to many surfaces is considered illegal in most cities so please play wisely, we take no responsibility for whatever you choose to do with YOUR EAR.