Twenty Eighteen Day One

Day One Brick Lane London Twenty Eighteen

Welcome to 2018AD London lay dormant on the first day of a new year, global revellers having celebrated like the end of days are now going through a long-winded recovery process. We wanted to capture art already painted on walls for this the first day of twenty eighteen. It was…


Geometric Street Art in London by Okuda

Brick Lane Okuda Geometric Street Art If you enjoy street art graffiti but never been to Barcelona or Madrid, you wont regret any trips to these magnificent cities. The sun-drenched Spanish mainland produces an array of colourful art-forms to stimulate our senses and massage our visual cortex. Born in the…


Dreph Paints Nana Yaa Sakyibea Portrait

Dreph Paints Nana Yaa Sakyibea Portrait in Brick Lane Street artist Neequaye Dreph celebrates unsung black heroes and heroines by painting their portraits around the city. Heavily influenced by 1980s comic culture and 1970s New York graffiti, the artist has been very busy over the last six months. Portraits have…

Otto Schade’s Elephutterfly

Street Artist Otto Schade’s Elephutterfly

Street Artist Otto Schade’s Elephutterfly It’s not often you get to create and name your own life form. Otto Schade highlights the fragility of the elephant in his depiction of natures strongest beast as a frail but beautiful butterfly.  This isn the first time Otto has chosen this form as…

Mr Cenz on Hanbury Street

Mr Cenz Street Art on Hanbury Street

Mr Cenz Street Art on Hanbury Street Street artist Mr Cenz keeps himself so busy it’s hard to know where his most recent piece is located without looking at his social media stream. Mr Cenz never disappoints followers of his beautifully constructed artworks. The strong female form fused into the…

Himbad Street Art

Himbad Street Art in Brick Lane

If it were left to Himbad his signature character would be looking down from every rooftop in the city. Himbad street art started off as quickie tags thrown up around Hackney Wick, today the artist is taking on bigger challenges. Himbad’s tools are extended rolling poles and powerful paint guns….

Dface Street Art

D*Face in Scalter Street London

British artist D*Face has been spreading his art across the world for years now. He uses stickers, spray paints, sculptures and paste up art to create a variety of character driven landscapes. The artist has been painting epic sized murals in the states and widelt known for his antics around…

Endless Street Art

Endless Street Art in Brick Lane

Street artist Endless takes pride in fusing art, fashion and advertising in his street art. Endless has been stencilling his way around the East End for years now. This is the biggest piece we’ve personally shot of the artist’s work. The hugely popular wall in Brick Lane gets painted at…

Mr Cenz in Brick Lane

Fresh Paint in Brick Lane by Mr Cenz

We recently posted shots of Mr Cenz art on this very wall so we were more than delighted to find the artist had created a new portrait rendition. Temporary artwork is at the heart and soul of most street art graffiti. So it should come as no surprise when you…

Wrd Smth Street Art

Street Art Conversations in London

When spotting these two typewriters by two different writers we couldn’t help but think the French artist has started a dialogue with WrdSmth. Given the French piece was pasted on the wall long after Los Angeles based WrdSmth had painted his text based artworks around Brick Lane. We’re pretty useless…