Stick em up

Stick em up Paste Up Group Show London

Stick em up Exhibition Well Hung Hoxton Stick em up group show featuring artists; A.CE, Ben Rider, Donk, Hin, LUAP, My Dog Sighs, Pablo Delgado and Shuby   These artists are creating a huge buzz in street art by pasting up their provocative imagery around London. Paste-ups have long become the ‘go to’ medium as a way to communicate –…

Don Street Art

Donk Paste Up in Leake Street

Paste up art has long grown into a global artform practised by artists whom create their own designs and concepts on a computer which is then printed out in varied sizes. The paste up art is then stuck onto surfaces using bonding materials such as wheat-paste. The quick fluid action…

Street Art Paste Up

Paste Up Street Art East Side

Paste up art has been around for many a moon and mostly utlised by street artists to get something on a wall in the quickest time possible. Paste up street art is more popular than ever as new or established artists are pasting like the end of days.   D7606My…

Donk Street Art

Donk – Under the Bridge

When this image hit our news feed a few mornings ago, I immediately dropped all tools (breakfast) and cycled down to the graffiti hotspot as fast as my legs could turn those pedals. Why the rush I hear you ask telepathically, well this particular bridge has generally been reserved for…

Paste Up Posters in Shoreditch from DONK

If you live in the Brick Lane or Shoreditch catchment area your never too far from a Donk paste up poster. We’ve been shooting the artist’s work since 2008 and watched the artwork grow from small posters to extra large formats.   DONK FACEBOOK