LSD Magazine Interviews Beat Assassins
Jimmy Mofo

LSD Magazine Interviews Beat Assassins
Jimmy Mofo

LSD Magazine Interviews Beat Assassins
Jimmy Mofo 2016 Year in Summary – Beat Assassins
Jimmy Mofo aka Beat Assassins returned in 2016 following a 4 year break from the scene. His latest release, To The Top, is due for release on 14 November. Jimmy took a minute to chat with LSD Magazine and…

Double L Interview

LSD Magazine interviews L Double

LSD Magazine interviews Drum & Bass Head ‘L Double’ You’re noted as being one of the heroes of the 90’s jungle and drum & bass scene. What was it that got you into that genre and make that your career path? I was already involved in the music scene in…

Quick Chat with Erb N Dub & Malux

Quick Chat with Erb N Dub & Malux

Quick Chat with Erb N Dub & Malux First up lets talk about your history, how did you guys get together to start making tracks? Erb: We became friends though other music projects outside of DNB. Malux: I was making funky “bassline infused” hiphop sort of stuff at the time, …

L Plus Hide Out Sampler 2

L Plus Avenger – Hideout Sampler 2 Out Now

L Plus Avenger – Hideout Sampler 2     It’s always good to hear of new album in the pipeline, can you tell us a bit more about Hideout.  Is it straight up Drum & Bass or have you ventured outside the genre? Thanks, hope you will like it when…

Monsoon EP by Leaf

Monsoon EP by Leaf Out Now

Rainfall and devastation puns aside, the  ‘ Monsoon ’  EP is currently causing a commotion on  dancefloors across the globe. A producer fresh from the  Serial Killaz stable, Leaf is not only  bringing fresh beats to the masses, he ’ s also smashing it on the DJ circuit.  From dirty…

David Boohmah Interview

David Boomah Interview

David Boomah Interview A man of all talents David Boomah is currently rocking dance-floors with his Wish upon a Star track. Although super busy we managed to get a few words from the recording artiste.. Please can you introduce yourself and tell everyone who is not familiar with your work…

Beat Assassins Top 5

Beat Assassins Top 5 Drum and Bass Tracks

Beat Assassins Top 5 Beat Assassins – Ramm Out ft Sifu Chan (D’Silva Remix) Mofo Recordings. My top tune right now, without a doubt , is the remix D’Silva did of my track Ramm Out ft Sifu Chan. The original is a cheeky, jump-up-rap-driven-roller. But then in came D’Silva and…

David Boohmah EP

David Boomah EP

David Boomah EP “Wish Upon A Star Feat Rowpieces” Forward Ever Recordings General Release 06, June, 2016 Does David Boomah ever stop?? The answer is a resounding “No!” indulging us with his next release “Wish Upon A Star” produced by the super talented Rowpieces. Never one to be put in…

Moleman Sensory EP

Moleman Sensory EP Out Now

Moleman prepares us for beautiful summer sunsets as the United Kingdom shifts from the dark cold nights  to the long sun-kissed evenings of our favourite season. Moleman’s latest chill out production fuses drum and bass with an upbeat melodic sound. The nicely paced track launches us into a British summertime…

Goldie Drum and Bass Pioneer

10 Classic Drum & Bass Videos

When setting out to select some of our favourite drum and bass tracks of all time, we didn’t plan on writing the history of the genre. Except to say that after 1990 in the UK, music took on a harder tone. Genres were being created on a daily basis in…