Street Artist Invader in Eastern Himalayas

Invader Mosaics Placed on Sacred Grounds International street art fans will have seen an invader piece in their city at some point in their sight seeing journey. The iconic Space Invader is a flashback to the early days of video gaming. We like millions of others were among the first…

Clet Abraham Street Art Brick Lane

Clet Abraham (Italy) in Brick Lane

French artist Clet Abraham has been based in Italy for decades and came to the public’s attention when he began amending city road signs.  Culture jammers rose their glasses as the new signs sprang up around cities with mixed feelings from the general public. Clet doesn’t change the function of…

Tattu (France) Street Art

Tattu (France) Paste Up in Brick Lane

Visiting French artist Tattu has been in London spreading her art across the city. The fantasy character based art is driven by the artists emotions and her desire to create alternative dimensions. Surreal in nature but full of life the characters work well on canvases as well as the streets….

Jef (France) Street Art

Jef Street Art in France

French street artist JEF loves to paint portrait art on the streets of France whenever an opportunity presents itself to the artist. Whether the artist chooses a fun theme or something a little more serious, he certainly gets the message across. He has a large body of work featured on…