ALO Exit from Eden

ALO Exit from Aden Saatchi Gallery Exhibition

ALO – Exit from Aden at the Saatchi Gallery London, UK – On 15 March the Saatchi Gallery will open Exit from Aden, an exhibition of new works by the artist ALO, in the Prints & Originals Gallery. Exit from Aden presents new paintings by ALO. Executed on canvas, cardboard…

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Bifido

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Bifido in Italy

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Bifido in Italy Italian artist Bifido produced this homage to immigration on a family house for migrant children in Dugenta Italy.  The paste up specialist continues to highlight his youthful connection to the world at large but most importantly it’s young people. The…

Mr Degri Portraits Pop-Up Show

Portraits – Mr Degri (Italy)

Portraits – Mr Degri (Italy) Luca De-Gradi aka Mr.Degri In the age of selfies portrait art has a greater impact on society than ever before in history. Portrait art evokes the desired emotion in most cases whereas iconic subjects can present a variety of layers depending on the complexity of…

Lollo all'aperto by Biodpi in Italy

Lollo all’aperto Street Art by Biodpi in Italy

Lollo all’aperto by Biodpi in Italy In this design, the phrase “lollo all’aperto” adopts a double meaning for the viewer. Taken literally, the image is of the actress Gina Lollobrigidia (Lollo) holding a soccer ball all’aperto–outdoors. Yet “lollo” in Italian translates roughly to the verb “LOLing” in English, so in…

In the mood for love by Bifido 11

In the mood for LOVE by Bifido in Italy

In the mood for LOVE by Bifido Italian street artist Bifido has attached his paste up art to walls of all sizes. This piece was created for the Cusano Talk Festival in the small village of Cusano Mutri in the south of Italy. Bifido has a very playful nature which…

Bifido Made in Italy

Made in Italy by Bifido

Made in Italy by Bifido Italian street artist Bifido is widely known for the paste up art he posts around Europe. This is the first legal (with permission) the artist has completed in his hometown of Caserta. Made in Italy by Bifido symbolises the average man. Located in a park…

Mr Degri Street Art

Fresh Paint in London by Mr Degri

Mr Degri Street Art in UK Mr Degri wrote graffiti in Italy with his crew back in the day but today spends much of the time creating sweet art in London. He often paints portraits in black against white backgrounds but he sometimes paints the colourful renditions he recently produced…

Fresh Paste Up by Bifido in Athens

Italian street artist Bifido was recently let loose in Athens with his paste up observational renditions. Bifido has titled the piece ‘Acropoli’ after the ancient citadel in the old city.  See below for some past works from the artist…   Bifido Facebook  

White Sky in Italy by Camilla Falsini

“White Sky” – Camilla Falsini @ kindergarten – Carrobiolo alley – Monza Camilla Falsini “recolor” the Carrobiolo alley with “White Sky”, the fifth permanent mural of Recover Monza project. 5 per 8 meters of colors, a medieval town that overlooks the historic street, situated a few meters from the city…

AWER Fresh Paint in Bulgaria

Italian artist AWER continues to paint in Bulgaria after attending the Wuwec Festival in Dobrich. The stairway must have surprised a few unsuspecting residents of the building.   AWER WEBSITE AWER FACEBOOK