Kraser Hyena Spain

Kraser Surreal Hyena Street Art in Spain

Kraser Surreal Hyena in Llano del Beal (Spain) Kraser is widely known for his surreal murals which often highlights the character strengths of the featured subject. The Spanish artist feels a deep connection with his environment and the animal kingdom. Endangered species are brought to life with vibrant colour and interdimensional…

Kraser Odessarium

Fresh Works in Ukraine from Spanish Artist Kraser

Kraser Paints Two Huge Murals in Odessa Spanish artist Kraser is a regular on this blog. He specialises in painting large colourful murals on the sides of buildings around the globe. Kraser often paints abstract pieces with animals as the central feature. The strong vibrant artwork unites local communities and…

Kraser Brown Bear Ukraine

Kraser Abstract Brown Bear in Ukraine

Kraser Paints Bear in Kiev for Art United Us Spanish artist Kraser creates large scale abstracts of animals found in nature. As an artist he adores sharing his vision with world audiences and as a human being he feels a deep-rooted connection with animals. Brown bears are symbolic of Ukraine,…

Kraser One Urban World

Kraser Mural One Urban World Cartagena Spain

Street Artist Kraser Latest Mural The One Urban World street art festival in Cartagena Spain has been inviting artists from around the world to paint walls and hang out with local artists. Spanish artist Kraser was commissioned for one of the walls and painted this multi-layered cheetah. The artist often…

Kraser - Cartagena (Spain)

Kraser – Cartagena (Spain)

Spanish artist Kraser returned to his home town to produce this surreal rendition for the local community. The artist has a passion for animals so fuses the human time-line with wildlife wherever possible.   ARTIST FACEBOOK  

Spanish Artist Kraser – Miami Art Basel

Spanish artist Kraser is based in Italy and paints walls around the globe. His murals are usually quite large and highly detailed. MIAMI ART BASEL 2014 VARESE – ITALY KRASER FACEBOOK KRASER WEBSITE

Fresh Paint in Cartagena Spain by Kraser

Spanish street artist Kraser completed this piece recently in Spain. Kraser is a skilled practitioner at creating large scale murals and known throughout Spain for the works produced.