Stick em up

Stick em up Paste Up Group Show London

Stick em up Exhibition Well Hung Hoxton Stick em up group show featuring artists; A.CE, Ben Rider, Donk, Hin, LUAP, My Dog Sighs, Pablo Delgado and Shuby   These artists are creating a huge buzz in street art by pasting up their provocative imagery around London. Paste-ups have long become the ‘go to’ medium as a way to communicate –…

Subdude & Angus

Brick Lane Paste Up Street Art in London

Paste Up Street Art Photography in East London We were out and about shooting art over the sunny weekend, when in hindsight its wasn’t the best idea, unless of course you appreciate large crowds and long pauses between taking clear shots. Numerous street art tours seem to have quickly replaced…

ALO Exit from Eden

ALO Exit from Aden Saatchi Gallery Exhibition

ALO – Exit from Aden at the Saatchi Gallery London, UK – On 15 March the Saatchi Gallery will open Exit from Aden, an exhibition of new works by the artist ALO, in the Prints & Originals Gallery. Exit from Aden presents new paintings by ALO. Executed on canvas, cardboard…

Paste Up Art

Paste Up Art in East London Today

Paste Up Art in East London Today Paste up art is global format utilised by artists as a high speed solution for decorating public spaces. These pieces were all shot today in East London, although you’ll find paste up art throughout major cities in the United Kingdom.      …

Ant Carver

Ant Carver Colourful Portrait Paste Up

Ant Carver Colourful Portrait Paste Up The paste-up format works really well with certain street art concepts. Hackney based artist Ant Carver long adopted the format because it allows for quick street actions in high traffic areas. This technique is used by many artists, especially when travelling overseas. Ant Carver…

Hilary Rotten Clinton v Sabo

Hilary Rotten Clinton Poster Goes Viral

Hilary Rotten Clinton Goes Viral UnsavouryAgents artist Sabo has made American headlines once again this week. The not-so politically correct street artist has been pasting his own renditions of Hilary Clinton depicted as a Los Angeles gang member. There are two versions available of Hilary Rotten Clinton with or without…

Rich Simmons Solo Show

Rich Simmons Solo Show

RICH SIMMONS SOLO SHOW – REFLECTIONS Self-taught British Pop Artist who hit global headlines yet again with his street art of Superman kissing Batman is back in London with a new ground breaking exhibition. After cracking America and exhibiting in New York and Los Angeles, Simmons’ work is now in…

Jeff Wysaski LA Zoo Signs

Jeff Wysaski LA Zoo Signs

Jeff Wysaski LA Zoo Signs Visiting zoos is something we’ll usually do with younger members of the family. As much as we adore the captive animals, managing youngsters can be a tad tiresome. We don’t know Jeff personally but we suspect he feels the same way most adults do when…

MFH Paste Up Art

MFH Paste Up Art

MFH has been pasting his signature poster art in East London for years now. Much of the work can be found in Shoreditch where the iconic subject matter is framed and revealed to the public at large. Mister Fahrenheit has spells of super activity and then quiet periods. We’ve been…

Bifido Street Art Spain

War Pigs in Spain by Bifido

‘This time last week I went to Spain, in a small village calls Penelles in Catalonia. I was invited by Gar Gar Festival with others artists. I realized a wall thinking about one of the best book of Spanish literature The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha by Cervantes….