ALO Exit from Eden

ALO Exit from Aden Saatchi Gallery Exhibition

ALO – Exit from Aden at the Saatchi Gallery London, UK – On 15 March the Saatchi Gallery will open Exit from Aden, an exhibition of new works by the artist ALO, in the Prints & Originals Gallery. Exit from Aden presents new paintings by ALO. Executed on canvas, cardboard…

Himbad Lucid Dreaming London Solo Show

Himbad Lucid Dreaming London Solo Show

Himbad Lucid Dreaming London Solo Show BSMT is proud to present this ‘Lucid Dreaming’ collection by the one and only Himbad. This series of 24 miniature paintings has been created using HIMBAD’s unique Sprezzatura method. Using secret martial art techniques he trains his mind to be open to the moment….

Dmark Show

Dmark presents Vernissage in Berlin

Dmark presents Vernissage in the City of Berlin We’ve been working with German graffiti writer Dmark for a few years now. The old school writer is an editor on our Facebook page and very active within our community. He produces a large body of work on both walls and canvases…

Curving the World N_Grams Solo Show

Curving the World N_Grams Solo Show

Curving the World N_Grams Solo Show in Athens On November 30th Sarri 12 Gallery will be hosting the first solo show of Naip_N_Grams,«Curving the World». The show will be on exhibited until January 15th. Curving the World – N_Grams In his first solo exhibition, Dimitris Naiplis (N_Grams) presents a compilation…

Down The Rabbit Hole Solo Show by Elmo Hood

Down The Rabbit Hole Solo Show

Down The Rabbit Hole Solo Show by Elmo Hood Taking his inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and featuring brand new works including oil paintings and collages, Elmo Hood’s latest solo exhibition, Down the Rabbit Hole, centres around rich compositions of Kings, Queens, Rabbits and Madmen, celebrating the…


Flavio Campagna KAMPAH Art Stencils Solo Show

Flavio Campagna – F CK ITALIAN HONEYMOONERS Flavio Campagna KAMPAH Art Stencils Solo Show Italian born-California based stencil artist, Flavio Campagna KAMPAH (F CK) is showing his latest works on canvas and different wood materials while his daughter is on her honeymoon in Venice, CA. Come join the celebration, enjoy…

Otto Schade Street Art 2016 7

Otto Schade Street Art UK 2016

Otto Schade Street Art UK Otto Schade is having a busy year in the UK. The artists work has been appearing on walls up and down the country. We’ve been shooting his street art for years now and noticed two distinct styles emerging. Often when painting silhouettes against an orange…

SWIZ Chaos Control Solo Show

Swiz (France) First Solo Show Chaos Control

DAVID BLOCH GALLERY (MARRAKECH) May 6th – June 5th The opening took place on Friday, May 6th at 19pm. The exhibition will last until June 5th of 2016. It results from this first major solo exhibition of the artist fifteen artworks. SWIZ geometric abstraction is characterized by a work of…

Dank Street Art

Dan Kitchener (DANK) ‘Queen of Neon’

Dan Kitchener (DANK) solo show ‘Queen of Neon’ 1st – 6th April 2016 (12pm – 6pm) 5th Base Gallery DANK has painted Geisha all over the UK and beyond, including a 3-storey high x 80 ft wide mural in Bristol and his latest huge Queen of Neon mural right here…

WD Street Art Solo Show


WD Solo Show “LATE NIGHT TALE” attempts a second narration of the infamous tale Alice in Wonderland. The fully painted space has been transformed to the Woundedland, which visualizes WD’s idea about social-political phenomena and issues like consumerism, war, refugeeism and nature destruction among others. Phenomena that every human being…