Otto Schade and Danny O’Connor 5

Otto Schade and Danny O’Connor Distorted Façade

Distorted Façade – Otto Schade and Danny O’Connor Exhibition Specifically looking at the human form, both artists have produced a body of works exploring the depiction of the figure in the Post Modern age. ‘Distorted Façade’ brings together both artists individual and unique styles – using distortions of the human…


Goodbye to Kobra’s Iconic NYC Painting

When art dies before the artist – NYC Says Goodbye to Kobra’s Mural Street-art and graffiti rarely lasts a lifetime; however, there is something that feels sinful about destroying a piece of art that had such a profound and historical connection to the city that it inhabited. Brazilian artist Eduardo…

East End Mob

East End Mob Collaborative Street Art Exhibition

East End Mob – 12 Iconic East End Street Artists In the last decade London’s East End has seen some remarkable changes. The wave of gentrification has forced the once industrial sprawl and urban wasteland of the area into adopting a different facade. ‘East End Mob’ presents work from 12…

Joachim Street Art Belgium

Till Death Do US Art Joachim Solo Show

Solo Show Till Death Do US ‘Art – Joachim Press Release Translated from French On the occasion of his move to the Place du Châtelain in early 2018, the Huberty & Breyne Gallery left carte blanche to the artist Joachim. He has invested the ground floor of the 1000 m2…

K-Guy Votes for Women

Altruism vs Narcissism Brick Lane by K-Guy

Emmeline Pankhurst vs Kim Kardashian K-Guy Street Art Street Artist K-Guy pulls no punches with his depiction of two powerful females protesting for very different reason. In the red corner we have British political activist and leader of the British Suffragette Movement. An organisation with the sole objective of winning…

Pothole Street Art Installation

Pothole Street Art Installation Project USA Kickstarter

Pothole Street Art Installations American artist Bachor was taught the ancient art of mosaic in Italy seventeen years ago. It wasn’t until 2013 the craftsman set his attention on pothole street art installations using this colourful technique rather than traditional asphalt. This year the artist has called on the support…

F CK Che

New Silkscreen Cuban Prints by Italy’s F CK

F CK SILKSCREEN CUBAN TRILOGY After the great success of screen printing Anti Trump F CK MP TR C BA 17 two other local players were added to the Cubans and that ‘to date and become entitled to TRILOGY SERIGRAFICA F CK CUBAN. Made with a limited run of 80…

Pride & Prejudice Dale Grimshaw

Pride & Prejudice Dale Grimshaw Solo Show

 Pride & Prejudice Dale Grimshaw Solo Show Well Hung are delighted to announce Dale Grimshaw’s first solo show at Well Hung Gallery. Pride and Prejudice brings together a body of work based on a ‘two worlds’ theme that Dale has been developing over the last few years. The work contains…

Dont Fret

Dont Fret Mural on Hackney Carriage Building

Dont Fret Mural on Hackney Road Chicago based street artist Don’t Fret recently came to the city for an exhibition and launch of a collaborative book with London based artist Edwin. Whilst in town he painted this mural on Hackney Road in East London. The building was once home to…

Himbad Lucid Dreaming London Solo Show

Himbad Lucid Dreaming London Solo Show

Himbad Lucid Dreaming London Solo Show BSMT is proud to present this ‘Lucid Dreaming’ collection by the one and only Himbad. This series of 24 miniature paintings has been created using HIMBAD’s unique Sprezzatura method. Using secret martial art techniques he trains his mind to be open to the moment….