The Peace Helmet Project

LSD Magazine is fully supportive of its founder Lord Wayne Anthony and his latest art project Peace Helmets. Although other mainstream artists have created amazing police riot shields we have been pushed to find customised ex-issue British riot helmets. In fact we couldn’t find any via google! This concept is a well worthy addition to what artists have produced in the past.

If you’ve read any of Wayne’s books (Class of 88 / Spanish Highs – Published by Virgin Books) your quickly establish that the former Acid House party promoter  faced many riot squads during the period affectionately known as The Second Summer of Love. Since then Wayne’s named has appeared in over 40 published titles on the subject of Acid House and its FOUNDERS. In black and white terms this man is a member of a very small group of promoters that paved the way for everything we experience today in terms of all night parties and events in varied venues.  So its obvious the man is highly qualified for the task at hand…

The Peace Helmet Project takes objects formerly issued in acts of violence and transform them into objects adored or loved by everyone and not just the previous owners. Wayne Anthony is commissioning both street artists and graffiti writers to customise the helmets for later exhibition and sale. Each helmet comes complete with a riot police ex-issued holdall. We’ll be posting various updates for the project so keep tuned and visit the dedicated website.

 Peace-Hel-9148 Peace-Hel-9162 Peace-Hel-9177 Peace-Hel-9179 Peace-Hel-9186 Peace-Hel-9206 Peace-Hel-9208 Wayne-Self-Helmet_9164