Bring Artwork to Life with Sweam Smart Projector

Sweam Smart Projector

The Portable Sweam Smart Projector on Kickstarter

When first setting eyes on the Sweam Smart Projector, we wondered if it could be used for projecting artwork onto large walls so ‘some’ artists can paint the outlines to their murals or commissioned jobs. On closer inspection it appears the smart LED projector is better suited for just about any other application than using it for large murals. The Sweam Smart Projector is an awesome piece of kit for presenting your media to the outside world. The internal memory is a tad small at 16GB with a battery life of three hours when not connected to a power source. The projector is already fully funded and delivery is expected in March 2018. Four days still remain on the campaign to claim any perks.


Sweam Smart Projector


Sweam Smart Projector


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