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Trono Chair

The No Fuss Trono Chairs Are Super Comfy

Trono chairs are hands down the coolest accessory of the summer and beyond. Having spent some of Sunday lounging around in Victoria Park we can confidently say this is defiantly the most comfortable chair we’ve ever sat on outside in the open. It might take a few tries to inflate the chair when attempting for the first time, but that’s human error and not the product’s. Our failures drew the attention of other park users who sat amused around the perimeter.

You open the Trono trunk and take but a few steps before closing and sealing the chair, which serves as a compression that pushes the air from trunk into this amazing unit. We went from laughing stock to the coolest most comfortable people in the vicinity. We were hanging in the park for just over an hour and in that time five different people approached us inquiring about the chairs. We had the comfort of home in the park and no devices were needed to inflate or deflate the Trono.

How much you inflate the chair is purely down to personal comfort, we’re loungers so sink into the Trono but you can inflate to its maximum and sit on top of the unit. It really doesn’t matter because once you sit on one of these babies, you won’t settle for anything else. The applications for using these chairs are endless, we’ve already used them whilst out shooting artists painting walls. Various accessories are available such as additional water repellent covers in different shades, protective bottom, or specialised pegs. We’ll be using them every-time we go out on location throughout the summer and winter months.


Trono Chair Trono Chair Trono Chair


Trono Chair






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