UrbaNext E-Bike Wheel on IndieGoGo InDemand

UrbaNext Ebike

UrbaNext – Convert Any Bike to Electric in 60s

We’ve been watching and documenting the e-bike evolution for a while now. Dozens of pioneering companies are producing a wide variety of awesome looking electric bicycles. We’ve posted some of these innovations and crowd funding campaigns on this website. A great emphasis has been placed on designing e-bikes to replace or compliment your current two-wheeled wonder. The UrbaNext can apparently convert any bicycle into an e-bike by replacing your front wheel with their specialised UrbaNext wheel. We hope to test the product when on general release in August 2017.  Their IndieGoGo campaign recently ended with over $650,000 in the bank (1269% funded) and it should be shipped in August. There’s still a few perks on offer from IndieGoGo Indemand so there’s a deal to be had by backing the project now.



UrbaNext Ebike UrbaNext Ebike UrbaNext Ebike UrbaNext Ebike








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