Various & Gould Witch-Hunt in France

Welcome to the Various & Gould witch-hunt!

For this series of posters, the Berlin artist-duo Various & Gould portrayed a selection of known, living and nonconformist people who cross borders and act as pioneers on controversial social issues. This witch-hunt is not to be understood as a chase, but rather as an interactive scavenger hunt, in which you go on the search for these fascinating people. Through texts and audio tracks you can find out where further witches are located, and learn more about their lives. During the process of printing, a particular color was used that allows – as if by witchcraft – the ignition of matches on the actual artworks. By using these matches and candles the observers are invited come in contact with the images themselves.

Various-Gould-berlin-1 Various-Gould-berlin-2 Various-Gould-berlin-3 Various-Gould-berlin-4 Various-Gould-berlin-5 Various-Gould-berlin-6WITCH HUNT WEBSITE