Voyager Golden Record 40th Anniversary Edition

Golden Record

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Golden Record Produced by Humans for Aliens

The year is 1976 NASA has teamed up with Carl Sagan in hope of producing a physical object that explains human beings on earth to extraterrestrials. The object was to be attached to Voyager 1 and launched into space. Today it’s said that the Voyager 1 is the furthest man-made object from earth.

Carl Sagan was tasked with producing something reflective of our culture and earth’s position in the universe. He spent a year collating and designing content before finally settling on the Golden Record. Two playable gold-plated vinyl albums of sorts, containing symbols, sounds and images. Voyager 1 launched in 1977 with Golden Records attached to the unmanned craft. The years rolled by and the general public had all but forgotten about the record and its contents.

Golden Record

Flash forward to 2017 and Ozma Records raised around one million dollars to release a limited edition version of the vinyl record on Kickstarter. Academics are said to be appalled by the record company’s decision to follow up the limited edition with a commercial release. Some of the complaints are coming from original contributors that gave time and effort for free. The Voyager Golden Record 40th Anniversary Edition won a Grammy at this years ceremonies, which has enraged academics even more.

Golden Record

“When I first heard about the project, I had doubts,”
Janet Sternberg told RT. “At the time, I asked David [Pescovitz] what they would do if the original limited edition [via Kickstarter] was a financial success – would they commercialize the project further? He assured me they would not, that the intent of this project was to produce a limited set of copies that would be acquired most likely by collectors and institutions like libraries.”

At the time of print Golden Record was already commercially available on Amazon from Ozma Records, alongside another version for a much cheaper price.

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