Wall Writers Graffiti Pioneers Film 1967 – 1973

Wall Writers Graffiti Film

‘Wall Writers’ Graffiti Pioneers Film 1967 – 1973

Wall Writers feature length documentary explores the origins of the graffiti form in Philadelphia and New York between 1967 – 1973. The accompanying 350+ page book along with the film was conceived by Roger Gastman. Film-maker John Waters narrates the film whilst Barry McGee wrote the book’s foreword.

Wall Writers Graffiti Book

Where many graffiti history films focus on the late seventies or early eighties, Wall Writers bagged some exclusive interviews with the legends of the late sixties early seventies. Cornbread, Taki 183 and LSD OM are but a few of the featured interviews. The film includes testimonies from historians, journalists and politicians that witnessed the humble beginnings of an art format replicated today in every country on the planet.

Wall Writers Graffiti Film

Wall Writers is available for download on iTunes so no waiting around for the Blue-ray release. You can also support the film-maker directly by purchasing from the official website.



Wall Writers Graffiti FilmWall Writers Graffiti Film