Zurik Launches Project 12+1 for 2018 in Barcelona

Zurik Barcelona

Female Graffiti Writer Zurik in Spain

Colombian graffiti writer Zurik kicked off 2018 with a piece for Project 12+1 in Barcelona, which also happens to be her current base. The artist successfully captures both the melancholy and joy expressed by the same character in the same moment. Colour is utilised to reinforce the division between these emotions.

“as I dedicate 80% of my time to write graffiti, I chose to include letters in a way that they wouldn’t lose antagonism in front of the main character, this is why lightings and contrasts are really sweet, on the contrary than in most of my works.” Zurik

Project 12+1 is a proposal put forward by Contorno Urbano: 12 artists, 12 months, one 50 square metre wall, one artistic intervention per month and one final exhibition, presenting each of the artists’ unique work. 12+1 is an open-air art gallery, one which changes each month.


Zurik Barcelona Zurik Barcelona





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